‘Take your diss with you’: York’s advice to students leaving for Easter

The university is to remain open

As the UK government moved into the delay phase of their strategy for tackling Covid-19, the University of York has updated students on how the university will continue to operate.

In an email sent out to various departments (including Environment, Chemistry, Maths, Politics and Computer Science) the university states it is continuing to “work with the guidance provided by  Public Health England.”

Although the university is currently open, the email states that in the event that it’s asked to close the university will “do their best to minimise the impact on students.” They’ll also be keeping in contact with students to provide updates on new information “relating to teaching and assessments.”

The University of York teaching term officially ends today, meaning large numbers of students will be leaving campus for the Easter holiday.

The email also gives recommendations for students planning to leave campus for the month off. In preparation for exams and assessments in summer term, the university recommends “taking everything you’ll need to revise for assessments in term 3”. As well as “all data and files stored locally that you need to complete assignments including dissertations.”

The same email has been sent by many departments, which ask students with any queries over Covid-19 impacting their studies to email or contact their departments directly.

The University of York also have their own general advice page regarding Covid-19 which can be found here.

In response to questions surrounding events like Summer Ball and Roses 2020 it states:

“We are in regular contact with other partners on key events to review their situation and plans, for example, with Roses we are in communication with Lancaster University and Students’ Union to monitor and review the situation in Lancaster.”

The advice page also makes this statement on planning graduation ceremonies this summer:

“We will follow expert advice, and in the event that we are advised against holding gatherings such as Graduation, students will be given the opportunity to attend ceremonies at a later date.”