Meet this week’s dedicated clubbers who would strike for the sesh

Is going on more nights out than lectures a personality trait? I think so

With the end of term nigh, the students of York were out in full swing this week. This week’s Clubbers of the Week may be the best and busiest one yet.

Scroll down to see if you made the cut…

Biggest group hug goes to

Also possibly longest arms award too.

Best human YEET

We love a lineout outside Revs?

The grooviest has two winners:


The resident groove giver.


The CEO of hectic dance moves.

When you catch your mates taking a pic without you

Go on girl, you made it.

The best thumbs up

How’s uni going so far? None of us:

When no one tells you it’s not a themed party anymore

Hawaii not?

Best downing of a VK

It goes with her hair too! A match made in VK heaven.

Most red ties in one pic

Black and red, black and red… or is it black and yellow? oops.

The best disapproval goes to (the boy in the back)

Most probably upset he doesn’t have a T-shirt as funky as the guy in the pic.

Tightest hug (also a strong contender for most wholesome)

Guy on the left: 10/10 for acting like your face isn’t being smushed.

Most moods in one picture

When you tell you’re friends you’re off to buy just 1 more shot…

Award for most confusing hands (where are they all coming from?)

The disapproval tables have now turned Mr funky T-shirt person.

Most interesting pose

Christian Grey been real quiet since this pic came out.

The most peace signs in one picture

CEO of just peace and pout it out.

Best reverse jazz hands

When the bartender asks you how many VKs you want.

Funniest picture

Have you ever been so drunk you didn’t notice someone pouring an entire VK on you?

The picture that makes us want to ask the most questions

Apparently cardboard Nick Clegg’s hair tastes nice

Best classic pose

Catch all of us doing this in 2010 with cinema 3D glasses and a ‘NERD’ T-shirt on.

Best reaction to someone letting out a toot in the club

Whoever smelt it, dealt it.

Best moustache

She moustache you a question.

But she’ll shave it for later.

Best facial expressions in the background

I’m scared for the person at the receiving end of that point.

Most impressive double thumbs-up while holding a beer

When the DJ finally plays the song you asked for 4 hours ago.

Most supportive friend

Also looks like a warm embrace, 10/10.

Best action shot

“Yeah definitely no VKs tonight” *2 hours later*

Best VK advertisement

“You can even drink them upside down.”

A concept: Spiderman but he just shoots out VK… VKman.

A collection of the best lifts outside Revs:

There’s a fair few so hold onto your hats n pick your favourite.

A solid lift paired with a crisp peace sign- 9/10.

Maybe the best team effort, not their first rodeo- 9.5/10.

A one-legged lift (impressive)- 9/10.

A Titanic-themed lift- 10/10 (she would’ve let Jack on the plank of wood)

A fantastic lift coupled with a mid-night out snack? 10/10.

More of an interesting wheelbarrow approach- 9/10 dropped him straight after this pic.

10/10- the pure lift composure.

The best and brightest hair!!

So bold, we love p!nk.

Charlie’s angels: York edition

He do be enjoying it though.

Cutest pic (so wholesome)

2020 cast for The Breakfast Club.

Best High School Musical jump

When you hear that Lowther is no longer underwater.

Best game of hide and seek

I actually still can’t see them- someone please help.

Smallest trophy

James football bringing home the goods.

Most impressive on land dives? prayers?

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening here but it looks fun.

Image credits: York Parties Facebook Page