Vote in the first York’s BNOC heat of the year then cry over how lame you are

Did you make the cut? (No)

Yes, you heard us correctly… it’s time for Round One of UoY’s biggest BNOC 2020 competition! The social elite have been nominated and now it is down to YOU to narrow them down to the ultimate Biggest Name On Campus! We begin with heat one, where the winner of this first round will join the winners of other heats in the semi-final. So get voting to crown the UoY’s biggest BNOC 2020!

Shivam Patel

Year: 2nd Year

Course: Business Management

3(ish) Words to describe them: Everywhere, every time, every place

Shivam Patel, or ‘Shiv’ is known for constantly organising games of hide and seek in Fairhurst and for being everywhere/knowing everyone in Salvos because he’s always ‘bopping about’. He knows everyone.

Shiv had one thing to say in response to being nominated; “Unfortunately I was expecting it.”


Yael Abo-Abo

Year: 2nd Year

Course: Psychology

3 Words to describe them: 5ft, Northern, Filipino

PsychSoc prez and Vanbrugh sports rep, anytime Yael walks around campus, her and her friends have to stop and talk to people ALL the time. Especially when they’re in the psychology building, she literally says hello to everyone.

Shocked to be nominated, Yael said, “My boyfriend made a joke about it but I didn’t realise he actually nominated me!”


Alex Thompson

Year: 2nd Year

Course: English

3 Words to describe them: Beardy BandSoc lad

From Nouse to BandSoc, to just smoking outside every single bar in York, Alex has most likely offered a rollie to half of York. All round good lad with a good beard.

Alex’s response to being nominated for BNOC 2020 was that he was “Definitely not expecting it, so a bit of a surprise ngl!”


Aleksis Butler

Year: 1st Year

Course:  Politics with International Relations

3 Words to describe them: Tall, sporty, God

Every time Aleksis is on a night out everyone seems to know him. Be it students, bar staff, or bouncers. He definitely has a bit of a reputation among the other gender as well. Literally one of the first people you see when you walk into the club, he’s probably chatting to a new group of people every half hour. He is always quick to say that he’s half Finnish or that he does a sport of some kind. He will also speak as posh as he can, and will probably offer to buy you a drink at some point in the night.

In response to being nominated, Aleksis said, “Well I’m chuffed. It’s nice to be known. Hopefully for good things. I was not expecting to be nominated”


Jade Brewer

Year: 3rd Year

Course:  Maths

3 Words to describe them: The absolute bomb.

Who doesn’t know Jade Brewer? Jade is described as being honestly one of the nicest people and whenever others go out with her she is always stopped by everyone on her way. She is an incredible girl and deserves that recognition!

Jade says. “I may not have won Sports President 2020, but biggest BNOC 2020 here I come.”