York Tories defend fox hunting social on Yorfess

The Tories take to the ‘Yorfess’ forum to defend their highly controversial social event

After debates on whether or not the University of York’s ‘Tories society’ will go ahead with their arranged fox-hunting social, they have admitted that, despite criticisms, the event will go ahead tomorrow.

After the York Tories were met with considerable debate, some members have taken to ‘Yorfess’, an anonymous Facebook forum, to defend their views and reasoning behind such a controversial and widely debated social event.

Some members tried to defend themselves in holding a fox-hunting social by referring to foxes as ‘pests’, whilst comparing themselves to farmers, arguing that killing foxes comes under the same category of killing livestock.


Others saw light of the situation, introducing the factor that ‘it’s only a social’, commenting on the fact that ‘they’re only dressing up’, likening the Tory society to the rugby lads.

There were also a few comments made regarding the controversial nature of the social in general, the Tory society made a statement which explained that the reason they are putting on a fox-hunting social is to honour the late Sir Roger Scruton ‘a kerb advocate of fox-hunting’. Some people found a fox-hunting social promoting animal abuse ‘sick’ in general and quite clearly didn’t agree with a dedicated night to animal abuse as a themed social event.



In response to the Roger Scruton argument, someone suggested that the Lib Dem society should create a themed social honouring Jeremy Thorpe, a politician who promoted dog killing.


There were also comments made defending the York Tories in general. After all of the hatred that the party has gotten surrounding this social, a conservative supporter posted a response into the forum regarding a comment made stating: “Having an issue with the Tories is completely legit given that we’re all f***ing students’.

Speaking regarding the political views of students in general, regardless of the fox-hunting social, the student exclaimed that “Having an issue with the Tories” is not completely “legit”, you’re actually being really f***ing rude and you need to learn to respect others’.

They then went on to argue that students who don’t support the conservative party ‘seem to think that hating on Tories is somehow justified’, voicing the concerns of the students of the conservative party in general following the hate that they have received from the organisation of their fox-hunting social.

Another student exclaimed their opinion on the matter in a comment labelling people who are offended by the potential of a fox-hunting social ‘pathetic’

Whilst another student, a non-supporter of the party, brought up the intricacies surrounding the legalities of fox-hunting according to the law, attempting to defend the fox-hunting social, assuring people that some forms of fox-hunting is in fact legal and ‘important’ for tradition as well as practicality.