This week’s clubbers definitely haven’t given up the sesh for Lent

Strikes mean it’s acceptable to go out every night right?

It’s almost the end of Term 2 (yikes?!) and with the ongoing strikes, frankly there is no excuse for not going out! We may be over halfway through the year, but the costumes are only getting stronger, the poses more creative and the memories even blurrier.

With a Varsity win at the weekend, it was the perfect celebration to another excellent week of clubbing!
Forget TikTok famous, are you Tab famous?

Scroll to see if you made the cut!

Bananas in pyjamas

Let’s hope they aren’t falling down the Salvos stairs

Photo bomber of the week

Gals, gals, gals, oh wait…

Photo bomber runner up

Otherwise the cutest pic x

Praying to avoid a hangover

Wishing we could all reach that level of spirituality in Salvos

Pose of the week

A bit too bendy

Runners up pose of the week

Best costume

Drinking games on whilst on the move

The pose that went wrong

Errrr that wasn’t like we’d rehearsed…

What on earth was his theme?

Mike TeaVee?

When one of you is wayyy more into it

Wonder what his face tasted like?

‘Lights, camera, action’

‘We’re ready for our close up now’

We like to drink with….

Down it Fresher

Let’s wrestle

Guys, Varsity is over, we won

I’m bringing sexy back

Almost suits this too much

Club Tropicana

May be freezing outside but it is always warm in a club

Forever repping JCNC

Socks available for purchase

Angel face, devil thoughts

Looking devlishly angelic

Most wholesome

Who says three’s a crowd

Relatable: can I go home now?


Work it

Maybe take some pouting tips from Kim K

Photographs taken from the official ‘York Parties – York’s Biggest Club Nights & Events’ Facebook page.