Nominate your mate for York’s BNOC of the year award 2020

The best achievement you can get at uni, because graduating with a first is so overrated

Ahh it’s that time of year again, where the power goes to the people in your chance to vote for who YOU think should be crowned the infamous York BNOC 2020. The competition begins with nominations, which are now OPEN and ready for this year’s famous faces to be named. This is THE competition that sees us shamelessly admitting to our longing for a social hierarchy with the BNOCs at the very top. 

We all have that friend at uni who seems to know EVERYONE, and when asked how, they simply shrug their shoulders and say something like, “Oh, they’re friends with (insert name of another person you’ve never heard of before).” Keeping up with their ever-expanding friends list is like trying to keep up with your degree when you’ve missed five lectures. Someone like this could deffo be worthy of the title of BNOC 2020, so why not boost their ego and celebrate their popularity with an official title?

It could be this guy…

Whether they’re York’s very own answer to high school queen bees, or fit into the category of nerds, they don’t have to resemble a member of the plastics or excel at a sport, and can simply be someone who held your hair back after a heavy night of drinking, or someone who seems to know everyone but you’re still not quite sure how…

So get nominating and who knows, York’s biggest name on campus might turn out to be your housemate or best friend.

Nominations are open until Thursday 5th March 2020. 

Nominate your BNOC 2020 HERE: 

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