You can only say you’ve been on a York night out if you’ve done these 21 things

Student night essentials


We all love a night out in York filled with cheesy tunes and sugary VKs, but what makes a night out in York truly special? Here are the 21 things that make York such an iconic night out, have you done them all?!

1.Sweated in Salvos

Starting with a basic one, but have you truly had a proper night in Salvos if your t-shirt isn’t stuck to you, your curls haven’t fallen and you aren’t just genuinely a sweaty mess. It’s called “sweaty Salvos” for a reason.Image may contain: Beverage, Drink, Accessory, Accessories, Glasses, Skin, Party, Human, Person

2. Got lost in Kuda

I don’t think I’ll ever know my way around that club, a map on entry would be seriously useful, it truly is a maze, especially after the consumption of alcohol!

3. Fallen down the Salvos stairs

Probably not remembering it until you find the bruise in the morning, but those wall mirrors get sweatyyy!

4. Made the York Parties Insta or Facebook Page

It’s a proud moment when you’ve reached that kind of level of fame!Image may contain: Robe, Fashion, Gown, Evening Dress, Female, Skirt, Wood, Pants, Dance Pose, Leisure Activities, Person, Human, Clothing, Apparel5. Been to Salt and Pepper afters

A very obvious one, but it had to make the list. I think we’re all guilty of it being the highlight of many a night.

6. Danced on the tables in Fibbers

Whilst we mourn the loss of Thursday Fibbers, who hasn’t got on the tables and benches in the Throwback room, only for a bouncer to inevitable yell at you to get down.Image may contain: Club, Leisure Activities, Night Life, Party, Audience, Crowd, Human, Person

7. Got crisps from the DJ in Flares

I don’t know why this is even a thing, but we’re glad it is. Feeling peckish mid night out? The Flares Dj is your man.

8. Had a blue Shit

It’s a York classic, from my first one in Freshers this drink will always have a special place in all of our hearts, an alcohol and sugar hit all in one.Image may contain: Beer, Bar Counter, Pub, Cocktail, Alcohol, Drink, Beverage, Person, Human

9. Used the double toilet in Salvos 

Not sure if this exists in the boys, but for us girls that always go to the toilet together, Salvos accommodates!

10. Tried every flavour of VK

Might as well be drinking pure sugar, but which is your favourite flavour?Image may contain: Bottle, Beer, Night Club, Alcohol, Club, Beverage, Drink, Party, Person, Human

11. Got crushed on the Salvos Stage

It can be fun, but that stage can be a warzone, never have so many people tried to cram into one space, even when it’s full, people just keep coming up.

12. Posed in the boojee mirror in the Revs toilets

Honestly, the toilets are the nicest part of that club, although I think we are all mourning the loss of the sofa in the girl’s toilets.Image may contain: Girl, Photography, Portrait, Photo, Furniture, Housing, Building, Party, Costume, Pants, Female, Room, Smile, Interior Design, Indoors, Face, Clothing, Apparel, Person, Human

13. Had a shot tray on a Revs Sunday

They look so colourful and aesthetically pleasing, but do any of us know what we’re drinking?

14. Snuck food onto the 66

Whether successful or not, we’ve all tried it – kudos to those that have succeeded.

15. Lasted the whole night in Flares

Sometimes you just have to sack off Salvos and dance the night away in Flares, let’s be honest it is everyone’s true favourite…   Image may contain: Party, Disco, Night Life, Night Club, Club, Person, Human

16. Survived Popworld

Known more for the overaged locals than the student scene, but they do have a revolving dancefloor.

17. Started pub golf at D-bar or Courtyard

No better way to tour the clubs in York than through a classic game of Pub golf. Starting on campus, with a hole at Spoons, Lowther, Yates and many others it’s guaranteed to be an iconic social.

18. Taken a picture with the ‘What the F**k’ Sign in Fibbers (RIP)

Probably one of the main things we miss from Fibbers, this sign was iconic and made everyone’s insta.

19. Squeezed too many people into the Revs photobooth

A photo in here is a must on a Revs night out, but it is always a squeeze trying to get everyone in there!Image may contain: Poster, Advertisement, Collage, Head, Photo Booth, Face, Person, Human

20. Ended the night with cheesy chips and gravy

We will all be forever divided on whether this is the best thing ever, or the most disgusting Northern tradition of all time.

21. Had a Great Night!

The York Clubbing scene might be small (and rapidly becoming smaller), but we know how to have a memorable, or not so memorable night out!Image may contain: Leisure Activities, Night Life, Night Club, Club, Party, Person, Human