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Protect your V on Valentine’s Day

The York Tab has you covered for all things sexual health leading up to Valentine’s Day.

With it being the most romantic day of the year, here is a simple guide on everything contraception at York.

Where to get condoms from:

Off campus:

Most chain stores sell condoms these days. However, are you being financially savvy about your contraception purchases? Superdrug sell Durex 12 pack condoms priced between £7.99 and £9.99. If you use the Unidays app, you can get 10% off all in store purchases, improving your relationship with your bank account, and with your special someone in the bedroom.

Or you can access free condoms from YorSexualHealth Service at Monkgate Sexual Health Centre.

On campus:

The University of York also offers free condoms through the Nightline Service. You can walk in from 8AM – 8PM, or email the service and have them send you condoms, but this must be to a campus address. Nightline will supply you anonymously with 5 condoms at a time.

Elsewhere on campus you can get free contraception from James Lodge, Goodricke Nucleus, and the YUSU Helpdesk in the Student Centre.

Sexual Health Advice:

There are numerous websites where you can gain quick access to advice on pregnancies and STI's. YorSexualHealth's postcode searcher directs you to the closest health clinics and services available to you. It also offers an online booking and testing service called Test and Go where you can order a free STI testing.

YUSU's website also offers information about MesMac and LGBTQ services, as well as the help that your GP can offer you should you need help.

YUSU also run with YorSexual Health a free and confidential sexual health service on campus every Wednesday during term time from 12.30-15 in CII Building, The Centre of Immunology and Infection.

You do not need to be registered with a doctor in York to access YorSexual Health.

Okay, now that you are armed with the best contraception purchasing deals and are aware of the services at uni it's time for you to go out and enjoy Valentine's Day.

To ensure you have the most pleasurable experience possible, take some advice from Coach Carr off Mean Girls, "Now, everybody take some rubbers".

Happy Valentine's Day!