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An updated guide to York’s nightlife

Who, what, when and where to go

They say keep your friends close (Mansion) and your enemies closer (Fibbers), but oh how we miss them both now that they've gone.

With both venues having closed down in January, you can see the students of York, donning their flared trousers and jaeger bombs in hand, saying "Where do we go now?".

Here to save the day, this article will give you an update on the current, both official and independent, club nights in York, while we wait for the relocation of Mansion and Fibbers.

For now, this is the low-down.

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The official club nights:

Monday: Kuda (YSJ)

Although its well-known to be York St. John's Kuda night, all students can go!

I hate to admit it, but YSJ Kuda is actually a fab night out. You get to meet lots of new people and the music is filled with old classics so you can have a cheesy sing-a-long to start your week right.

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Guy in the background clearly not chuffed about Fibbers and Mansion closing.

Tuesday: Kuda (UoY)

Otherwise synonymously called "Kuda Tuesdays", Entourage at Kuda is the most popular night at Kuda.

With both the upstairs floor and downstairs Tiki Bar open, this is possibly the best night to go to Kuda. Upstairs, you'll find a mix of dance oldies but goldies, new dance hits and classic pop songs (sometimes with a twist) whilst the Tiki Bar plays a mix of R'n'B and Hip Hop; my personal favourite.

The queue is not normally long but has recently started to become longer, so aim to get there around 11:30-12.

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Or just go for the great lighting?

Wednesday: Salvation

Salvos Wednesdays are known for being the sporty night out in York. You can count on netball, rugby and football societies to be there every week. Some say they deserve an award for their commitment.

This may be the busiest student night in York, with a queue seen to go all the way back to Pop World (just boogie on their revolving dancefloor until the queue goes down). However, if you're lucky enough to have obtained a platinum card, then you may get in faster.

If you don't have one of these godly cards then aiming to get there at 10:30-11pm latest will give you the best shot at avoiding the dreaded queue.

Thursday: Kuda

Formerly 'Throwback Thursdays' at Fibbers

Thursday Kuda was given 8/10 by my housemates. Supposedly, Kuda has the same DJ every night too and wow he must be tired.

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Our reaction to Fibbers closing down.

Friday: Kuda and Salvation

Formerly 'Phat Fridays' at Mansion.

It's a great night to go out as there are more options on a Friday, so you can even dabble in Society if you're feeling extra.

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I promise Mansion is normally busier than this.

Saturday: Locals night and no official club nights

(higher prices, more oldies; oh heck)

Sunday: Revs

Otherwise known as "Revolution" to Southerners.

Undoubtedly, one of the best nights out in York and won't be going anywhere anytime soon *touch wood*. You can rely on everyone you know to be there and for it to be jam-packed every week.

Don't bother trying to use your Revs card though, it doesn't work on student nights.

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The 6 shots for £6 are unmissable.

Still pining for our beloved Fibbers and Mansion?

We've heard Fibbers has found a new home and so we hopefully won't have to wait long for a new and improved venue that will leave us "blown away".

There is not as much information on Mansion, other than the fact that it's landlord decided not to renew the tenancy but they are looking for a new venue.

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Peace out Fibbers.

Fibbers mentioned that "buildings are only as good as the people and the things that happen in them". This couldn't be more true.

Independent club nights:


The infamous BlackBox events that have been held at both Fibbers and Mansion are now being held at venues like The Crescent Community centre and The Drawing Board.

BlackBox is a mix of funky DJs and dance music.

Keep an eye on future events here.


Based on their Facebook page, On&On events have been postponed for the time being.

But, fear not, they have plans in the works so they aren't gone forever. Woop!


Mixadelic offer unique 'one-off themed events'; from 80's disco nights to Elvis Presley themed nights.

They host events all over the UK and have a Beatles themed groovy night coming up very soon in York. Hosted at Fibbers on the 29th of February!?

This hints to the unveiling of a new venue before March.


Calypso hosts house and techno events in York having previous big headliners like Solardo and Patrick Topping.

They were meant to have an event with DJ Eats Everything headlining, but had to cancel the show due to the early closure of Fibbers.

Soul Candy

Soul Candy has recently been revamped by 'las chicas' with their first event being held at a 'secret location'. It tends to be a mix of dance, disco and funk.

York nightlife honestly has something for everyone! You can find our freshers guide to alternative nights out here.