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Everything you notice on a sober night out in D-bar

I went on a sober night out and this is what happened.

Yes, the unthinkable happened: I went to a D event sober. D bar events are known for their inability to be enjoyed unless paralytic wasted, but for some reason beyond my knowing, I ended up going completely alcohol free to UvD, it was actually quite fun.

Most of my night was spent laughing at the ridiculousness of the drunk behaviour happening around me. From being completely taken aback by the unlikely couple of flatmates that ended up getting off, to finally understanding why people are turned away from the bar. The night turned out to be good at these people’s expense, all of which would’ve completely passed me by, or been forgotten if I had been drinking.

I even got to really appreciate and enjoy the free toast that was offered on the way out. It was also nice to be able to take decent pictures, as one too many nights have I found Kuda’s official club night photos and immediately regretted all of my life choices that had led me to those poses.

Above all, the best thing for me was being able to talk to my friends and hold a conversation that I remembered the next day, after all, what are nights out good for if you don't end up bumping into a million different people you kind-of-know-but-not-really?

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Things don't look as great when you're sober

The only downside to the night was being sober enough to realise how much D events are just a hark back to our school disco days. Without a decent pair of beer goggles, the old canteen really puts a downer on the whole ‘club’ experience and was quite sobering, if that was even possible.

The music was also a mixed bag, and now that I could actually hear every song playing, it allowed me to judge what I was actually dancing to, whereas normally it all just merges into white noise. This wasn’t always a bad thing though, as other people’s drunken excitement allowed me to dance freely to some otherwise questionable music.

All in all, being sober on a night out is a complete power move, not only is your morning hangover-free, but you can wake up without ‘the fear’. Besides, the rest of your friends are going to need someone to relay all the horrible happenings of the night to them.