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A psychedelic society has been set up at York

Their first event is next week

Set up earlier this term, the psychedelic society are the newest student society at the University of York. The society describes itself as "providing a space for multidisciplinary research, news and information about the history and use of a truly mysterious group of plants and chemicals."

On their YUSU society profile , the group states six aims of the society overall. Psychedelic society wants to "reduce harm" from using psychedelic substances and "fill a vacuum of knowledge about this taboo topic in a responsible, open way." Another aim is to raise awareness about the links of psychedelics working within mental illness. The other aims promote exploring of "improving the laws" around psychedelic governance, the "nature of consciousness" and the "deep impacts" on "human culture and history" from psychedelics.

The University of York's psychedelic society are holding their first event on February 11th in the Spring Lane Building. The event is free and open to everyone at the university, particularly those interested in "mental health, psychology, environmentalism, science, religion, law, music and art."

The event also claims the society is the "most exciting thing happening on campus" and will explain what the society really is about and why students should "care about psychedelics".

Psychedelic society told the York Tab the society is about minimising the harm of psychedelics whilst still "maximising the benefits". They stated that they are not encouraging any students to use illegal substances but wanted to provide "fact-based information" in order to keep students safe.

Aside from student information, the society wants to "explore the exciting potential of psychedelics" this includes in mental health and environmental care. The society also told the York Tab they will be running future events with academic speakers, documentaries and socials.

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