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York student filmed running away after burning money in front of Revs bouncer

The person filming had to stamp on the note to put it out

A York student has been filmed burning money after having an altercation with a Revolution bouncer.

The clip, which was originally uploaded to Instagram and later sent to The York Tab, shows a student dressed in a red hoodie talking to the bouncer while the burning note falls from the air.

When the note hits the floor, someone in the video can be seen stamping on it to put it out while the red hooded student runs away. The video was uploaded with the caption "just burnt money."

An eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, told The York Tab: "We didn't know the guy, but we saw him at the cash point earlier and he said he was trying to bribe his way in, as he was banned by the bouncers.

"The bouncer said he wasn't getting in, so he started ranting about his dad being rich and then burnt the money."

The full video can be seen on The York Tab's Instagram story.

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Watch the video on The York Tab Instagram story

The York Tab reached out to the student in the video, but he declined to comment.

Revolution also declined to comment on the video, telling The York Tab they "didn’t have anything to say."

In 2017, footage obtained by The Tab showed Cambridge student Ronald Coyne from the Conservative Society burning a £20 note in front of a homeless man.

The student was expelled from the society and was disciplined by the university.

He later apologised and was allowed to continue studying at Cambridge.

The University of York have been contacted for comment.

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