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University of York cuts over 350 room prices in response to campaign

The price cut is in response to the social media campaign #RentRant

The University of York have cut the price of over 350 campus accommodation rooms to only £99 a week.

The price cut is in response to the social media campaign #RentRant, led by YUSU's Community and Wellbeing Officer Steph Hayle, that launched over 8 months ago.

The University have announced that there will now be 260 rooms in St Lawrence with a reduced rent of £99 per week for the 20/21 academic year, and 92 catered rooms in Fairfax that are priced with additional catering cost of £139 per week.

Fairfax accommodation will offer 92 catered rooms at the cost of £139 per week

The average cost for a single room with shared facilities at the University of York was £153 per week. #RentRant encouraged former and current students to share their grievances about the cost of accommodation online.

Leader of #RentRant Steph Hayle said she was "thrilled to see that the campaign, with help from former YUSU President James Durcan, former GSA vice-president Charlotte Chamberlain and the support of students, finally secured change."

Hayle added the University's price cut shows they are "beginning to understand that the cost of living for students can be utterly devastating, and whilst this is just a small, symbolic step [she hopes] it is one of many" and that it is "a stepping stone in the fight to fully affordable rent that allows University of York students to not just survive, but truly thrive."

In a statement the University said they are "pleased to confirm the reduction in rent and [they have] worked closely with YUSU and the GSA to discuss setting rents across all of the Colleges as part of Officers' ongoing manifesto promise, and the decision is a positive result of those discussions."

They added that they "work collaboratively with representatives from YUSU and GSA to assess the viability of a range of rent setting options. Rents are set annually, one year ahead of the next academic year, with the Rent Group taking into account issues of affordability to both students and the University."

Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffery said that the "reduction in rent is a response to the clear feedback [the University] have received from students" and "The University will continue to work closely with YUSU and the GSA to ensure fair rents are discussed and reviewed annually."

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