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Student drop out rates for both York Universities have been increasing

Over a five year period

Research conducted by the Press Association has shown that the University of York student drop out rate has increased by 0.9 per cent and York St John University by 2.5 per cent over a 5 year period.

The York Press spoke to Amanda Wilcox, St John's university secretary. Wilcox stated that since 2016, York St Jon has experienced a growth in new-coming students and that they all seem to have a rewarding and successful time there.

The analysis that was used to collect the statistics, used data published by the Higher Education Statistics agency, which is used for 150 universities and colleges.

Data starts from the academic year 2011/12 to the academic year 2016/17. The drop out rates are based on full-time undergraduate students who were no longer studying at university a year later. The period the data was taken from, saw the increase of university academic fees to the current figure of £9,500 per year.

Universities are currently under significant pressures and scrutiny to become more transparent in areas such as why students are dropping out and graduate opportunities.

The York Press also quoted the Universities Minister Chris Skidmore. The Minister commented "Many universities are doing excellent work to support students but it's essential that dropout rates are reduced."

He also stated that "We cannot afford to see this level of wasted talent".

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