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Fibbers has found a new home


The former venue for Fibbers on Toft Green has closed.

However, students can rejoice as it has been revealed that it has found a new home.

The new venue has not yet been confirmed, although Fibbers believe that people will be "blown away."

A post on the club's Facebook page read: "Fibbers on Toft Green has now closed, sorry… We've loved this side of the river but there's somewhere better for us – and we're on the move.

"Twenty-seven years and a couple of million tickets later one of the UK's best, busiest and longest standing live music and club venues is off to a new home.

"Can't tell you where just yet but we think you'll be blown away. And pleasantly surprised…"

Rumours have persisted since the middle of last year about the Toft Green venue closing down. In June, the club held a closing down party, although it was later revealed that they would just be taking a summer break. It was later reported that the club would remain open until "at least January."

This is not the first time that Fibbers has had to move. It has existed in York for 27 years, although only moved to the Toft Green venue in 2014.

It has been forced to move again as the old venue is going to be demolished, with a hotel being built in its place.

This is great news for students, and will hopefully mean that Fibbers Thursdays can continue.

Mansion has also closed down this month as their lease expired and the landlord chose not to renew their tenancy. Fibbers' relocation means that students are only losing one venue, rather than both.

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