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YSJ student who said Muslims should be ‘wiped off the face of the earth’ faces jail

He was found guilty of inciting religious hatred

A former York St. John student has been found guilty of inciting religious hatred after posting an offensive video on his Facebook.

22-year-old Louis Ryan Duxbury posted the video in 2017 after numerous terrorist attacks.

A York St. John student representative saw the post, where Louis called for Muslims to be "wiped off the face of the earth" in a 17-minute long Facebook video and reported it to the police.

Louis faced trial last week at York Crown Court, where the jury found him guilty of inciting religious hatred after deliberating for thirty minutes.

During the trial, he gave evidence suggesting that he was exercising his right to free speech and stated that he believed in a diverse, multi-cultural society.

He also argued that the Facebook video was a "rant," and claimed that he was talking about extremists and terrorists, rather than Muslims generally.

Louis described himself as apolitical, and neither a racist or fascist while denying that the video was a call to arms.

Louis has been granted bail until 29th November 2019, when he will be sentenced for inciting religious hatred.

The court heard that he has also been reported to the police in the past due to his far-right views. Following the murder of Lee Fusilier Rigby, he posted an inflammatory anti-Islam comment for which his teachers reported him for.

He was not prosecuted in relation to this anti-Islam comment, which was made in 2013.

However, this was his second trial on the charge of inciting religious hatred as a jury in March failed to reach a verdict.

Judge Sean Morris said: "People who incite religious or racial hatred create terrible trouble for our society. It will be a custodial sentence."

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