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Vote for UOY’s Biggest BNOC 2019: Heat Four!

who knew saving some seats at a library could make you uni famous?

Another day, another fresh set of campus celebrities desperately vying for your votes.

Bella Lee

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Bella hasn't been a famed name for long, but she certainly brought the drama to Yorfess. Bella is famous for saving seats at the Morrell whilst wearing her grey yoga pants, causing controversy left, right, and centre. Not much else is known about this library lass, but she definitely rocked the boat and brought some banging Yorfess content.

Aaron Aspell

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he's the tall one x

Aaron made a name for himself on UOY and Alcuin's badminton teams, and is a regular at their socials. He's notorious for wearing brightly coloured numbers to Salvos every Wednesday without fail. He's been described as an "absolute unit" who is capable of doing a wall sit for 46 minutes, provong he has gains the rest os us can only dream about.

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When asked how he felt to be nominated, Aaron said he was "pretty buzzing" that being an asbolute state got him here.

Hugh Campkin

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Hugh is the President of YUSnow and has just about the wildest life ever. He somehow managed to be smuggled across an international border in a coach, proving that not all BNOC's live a life of glamour and luxury. It's widely speculated that Hugh is in fact a Yorfess admin, but he's giving no secrets away.

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bucket hats and BNOC's seem to go hand in hand

Hugh would like his ending quote to be "j'adore le baguette", and I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that he wiped his bum with one on a ski trip. What an animal.

Sam Bramley

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Sam is no stranger to internet fame, as he's got a verified account on Depop and had 90,000 followers on Instagram at the tender age of 16. Sam also won a Guinness World Record for the most items of Supreme worn at once, and it's weird flexes like this that have contributed to his fame on campus.

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living that Hannah Montana life x

Sam is totally the type of guy to be scouted out by the producers of Love Island.

Eilidh Hide

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Eilidh made a name for herself through Derwent's Netball and Women's Football scene, and is no stranger to sport socials. She once spent 6 hours constructing a costume from UP, resulting in her being mobbed by all of Salvo's and having all her balloons popped (not a euphemism). She's been called the queen of finstas, with friends describing her as "bubbly" and "funny".

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your talent is wasted on sports socials

Eilidh is no stranger to Yorkrushes either, with at least one a week being written about her.

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