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York’s Biggest BNOC 2019 nominations are officially open!

Your time to shine at LAST


The Tab York's most illustrious competition is back and better than ever. It's that time of year where we trawl through the masses in order to crown York's biggest name on campus.

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Just hanging with a Roses 2019 sporting legend no biggie xxx

An achievement of this level will knock all other CV's out the park. This year, we'll be hosting multiple heats to really amp up the competition.

It's time to separate the queen bees from the wannabes and prove that some of us really haven't left the popularity contests of high school behind.

If you know a famous fresher or sporty socialite, now's your chance to yet again take a backseat in the friendship and let them bask in the limelight.

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Living my best life, truly

You might not be amazing at sport, and you might not be on track for a first, but let's be real, this is the competition that really matters.

Nominations are open until Friday 24th May 2019 at 5pm.