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24-hour McDonald’s to open in vacant YUSU shop premises

I’m lovin’ it

Following YUSU shop's closure at the end of last academic year, it can now be announced that McDonald's will be taking over the premises and opening a restaurant on campus.

The new branch will provide a 24-hour service, perfect for those students who want a post-Marmite or post-Timewarp snack.

It will also be convenient for students who just want a McDonald's, but don't want to pay the delivery fee on UberEats or don't want to face the walk into town.

Second year student Billy told The York Tab, "I'm delighted that McDonald's will be opening on campus. It's perfect for if I need a quick bite to eat between lectures. It's even better that it's opening while McDonald's Monopoly is still on."

A spokesperson for McDonald's told The Tab: "We are delighted to be opening a new restaurant at the University of York. Students represent a key demographic for us and we look forward opening on campus. It's truly an exciting time for our franchise."

McDonald's is following in Greggs' footsteps by opening on the University of York's campus and the new branch will be open by the start of next term.

Now you've read this, check the date… April Fool's.

Featured Image Credit: Donald Trung