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Best dressed at York: Spring Term

Apparently not all students wear sweatpants and a hoodie for uni??

You guys have been serving up some amazing looks this term.

We've collated the best ones for your viewing pleasure…

Feast your eyes below.

Abby, First year, Music

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Who says wrapping up warm can't look sophisticated? According to Vogue, going big-on-beige and introducing neutral tones to your wardrobe is a trend we can expect to see in 2019. Similar long-line coats like Abby's are available from Mango, Monki and – for those of you that have saved up student loans instead of splashing out in Revs: Whistles.

Cameron, Second year, Computer Science & Rory, First year, Philosophy

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Whether you're going double-denim or all-black, layering shirts with jackets is a great way to stay warm. This style is similar to what Topman is calling Moskva Skate, so look here for similar pieces.

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Following on from the beige trend, these teddy/borg coats look great and are super cosy to wear – making 9am lectures just about bearable (or easier to fall asleep during). These types of coats are available to buy from stores such as Topshop, Missguided and PLT, coming in various colours too.

Freddie, Second year, Nanotech.

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Windowpane, Madras and Tartan patterns are popular in the colder months. Granted, it wont make library work any better, but at least you'll look good. Even wearing check trousers is becoming popular, check it out here.

Rongli and Shuyao, Postgrad, Engineering Management

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These coats from Zara & H&M are classy af – if you hadn't already got wardrobe envy, you will now.