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Yorfess taken down again, with new page already set up to replace it

YUSU have strongly denied claims from Yorfess admins that they played any part in the page’s removal

For the second time this academic year, Yorfess has been taken down.

Yorfess told The York Tab they believed YUSU may be behind it but YUSU have denied this in the strongest possible terms.

The anonymous confessions page, which allows students to vent, reveal secrets, or beg for help, disappeared from Facebook on Tuesday afternoon.

This comes after admins posted asking people to unfollow the page or message the admins directly rather than report content they weren't happy with in order to keep the community online.

The explanation behind this is believed to be that if a page receives too many reports then Facebook moderators will remove it in order to keep in line with their community guidelines.

Related pages, such as Yorpets and Yorkrush, remain online and accessible at the time of writing, as does Yorfess' Instagram account.

A post on Yorpets read: "Until YUSU stop reporting random shit…" and then providing a link to another confessions page titled "Yorfessions".

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The admins posted a message on Yorfess which said: "Yorfess is currently unpublished, so we are here until Yorfess returns, unless it's dead……"

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A Yorfess admin told The York Tab: "We think it's probably YUSU after hearing some rumours about them investigating the page. A shame really when this page has grown from not only for the use of humour but also uniting students, giving them an outlet to express their concerns anonymously and a place of enjoyment for people even outside of the uni to read over."

YUSU told The York Tab: "The Students’ Union was not responsible for the removal of Yorfess from Facebook, in response to accusations in the public domain.

"Only Facebook moderators would have the authority to remove a page on their platform, as set out in the community standards, and thus it is far fetched, comical and blatantly wrong to suggest that YUSU is responsible."

Here's hoping that everyone's favourite distraction is restored soon.