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YUSU launches ‘Bustice’ campaign to improve bus services

Buses, not at all for wankers

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a recent email sent by YUSU on behalf of Steph (Effy) Hayle.

Steph has used her platform as Community and Well-being Officer to pen an open letter to Peter Dew, current Executive Member for Transport and Planning at the City of York Council.

Her campaign #Bustice is the result of months of debates with Local Government Bodies and MPs. A request for a public inquiry into the system, as a whole, is now being actively sought with the hope of improving/developing the services further. The inquiry will evaluate how the decline has come about and will work towards more sustainable and viable solutions to an ever-growing problem.

The campaign aims to deliver affordable, reliable and accessible service in line with First's pledge which will result in an improved service for students. The recent price hikes and changes made to major routes have also led to unhappiness from students.

The system, in its current state, is not aiding social mobility despite being the most viable means of public transport. Buses reduce congestion, consume less fuel and, thus contribute to less pollution.

We all want York to thrive and be the best it can be. So, do the decent thing and sign the petition here. It officially launched on Wednesday and currently has 1,311 supporters.

Steph Hayle, also known as Effy, told The Tab "I am genuinely thrilled. The amount of signatures shows how much people care about the issue."