New colleges at the Uni of York set to be given the green light

Nearly 1,500 beds across two colleges to be approved by the end of the week

It's likely that the City of York Council will approve plans to build two new colleges on Hes East this week.

The new colleges, the first to be built since Constantine in 2014, would provide accommodation for 1,480 students, including 213 "premium" bedrooms.

The colleges will be based between Goodricke Lane and Baird Lane, with buildings forming a triangle around a courtyard-style central communal area.

The North College will be made up of 10 blocks of student accommodation and have 870 beds, while the South College will contain 490 beds across a further eight blocks.

As is typical with York colleges, the two new additions are set to include a central hub with communal areas and a reception space. The development is also suggesting that covered walkways, similar to those near Biology on Campus West, will be a distinguishing feature of the two new colleges.

These changes come as the university continues its expansion and renewal project and will mean that first years can be guaranteed a room on campus.