The good, the bad and the sickening: York’s best and worst drinks

I went on a catastrophic bar crawl in the name of journalism and these are the results

York is known for its numerous cute pubs and fancy bars, and it dawned on me that someone (me) should definitely take it upon themselves to taste and rank some of the best beverages that the city has to offer.

For such a challenging research task, I decided to rate each drink based on its taste, value and aesthetics.

Mango Collins- Las Iguanas

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A lovely opening drink to kick off the night

At £19.95 for two slim pitchers, this one didn't come cheap. However, this beautiful cocktail is worth the price. Mango vodka with orange and mango juice and a kick of triple sec, this baby goes down easier than water. We shared it between seven of us and got a good couple of glasses each.

Aesthetic: 8/10 – It's a lovely orange colour, but after a while the ice makes it more of a translucent yellow.

Taste: 10/10 – Very yummy and drinkable. Tastes like a Solero.

Value: 4/10 – Two pitchers for £20 seems a little bit steep.

Mojito (Classic and Passionfruit)- Bobo Lobo

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Everyone loves this little classic

Bobo Lobo is known for its 2 for £9 mojitos, so we stopped in here to sample a couple. The classic and the passionfruit one had a similar rum kick with just the right amount of mint, though they did go a little bit mental with the crushed ice.

Aesthetic: 9/10 – You can't beat the smooth gradient of a well made mojito.

Taste: 7/10 – Yes they can be an acquired taste, but the Bobo Lobo mojitos weren't quite sweet enough for my liking.

Value: 8/10 – £4.50 each and I had two!

Jaeger Bomb- Bobo Lobo

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I can't stay away from you

Hard to get wrong but dangerous when made right, these little beauties can turn a 2/10 night into at least a 5, and even then you're likely to forget half of it. We got these in Bobo Lobo, but you can get a jaeger bomb at any respectable establishment for a similar price.

Aesthetic: 2/10 – Murky brown and reminds you of nights you'd probably rather forget.

Taste: 7/10 – It tastes like Red Bull and regret, a very refined and delicious drink.

Value: 9/10 – These were £3 each (2 for £6), but you can definitely find them cheaper elsewhere.

Brain Haemorrhage- Evil Eye

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The clue to how awful this was is in the name

After my mojitos, I was ready to have something a bit more out-there. Evil Eye is York's absolute top spot for amazing drinks, so, under the influence of my fellow bar-crawlers, we decided to play a fun game of Shot Roulette and see what unusual concoctions we would be given. This shot is made of Baileys, schnapps, grenadine and (I assume) vomit. It curdles in your mouth and goes down like cottage cheese.

Aesthetic: 10/10 – The way the Baileys drips into the schnapps gives this shot a beautiful look.

Taste: 0/10 – I like schnapps, I like Baileys. I don't like the way they come together to form a clumpy thick mass that slides down your throat like a tube yoghurt.

Value: 7/10 – £3 per shot, but at what cost?

Dirty Blonde: Evil Eye

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Tasty and sweet, an ideal drink.

Limoncello, vanilla vodka, vanilla syrup and lemon come together to create this beautiful cocktail. It tastes like cake, looks like fresh lemonade, and induces a lovely tipsy feeling that broke through the feeling of nausea following the shot I had just taken.

Aesthetic: 9/10 – This cocktail looks like a glass of freshly made lemonade and I adore it.

Taste: 10/10 – The vanilla and lemon made it taste pretty much exactly like lemon cake, which is my favourite.

Value: 7/10 – At £6.50 this is one of the cheaper cocktails at Evil Eye, but its well worth the price.

Snickers Shot- The Drawing Board

(I'll be honest, I would have taken a picture but I drank the shot as soon as it was set on the table – my bad.)

The Snickers Shot is like a beautiful, salty, boozy Snickers bar in a dinky shot format. They go down a dream, which is probably why it was easy to drink four of these without batting an eyelid, and demand that the bar tender play more Fall Out Boy.

Aesthetic: 10/10 – Looks like a baby Guinness with salt on top.

Taste: 10/10 – If you like Snickers you will love this.

Value: 9/10 – Two chocolatey shots for £5, what a bargain.

Cherry Lollipop- The Drawing Board

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If you can't tell by my face, this is around the point I stopped writing down what I'd been drinking as it got too hard to count. Lightweight problems

The Cherry Lollipop is very tasty, like the sort of sweets you would ask your mum for but she'd never let you have it because it's pure sugar. Lime, amaretto and grenadine, with some cute lime wedges on top, this is the sort of drink you could keep ordering until you actually pass out (on the steps of Stones, fifteen minutes later).

Aesthetic: 8/10 – It's not too fancy, but it's cute.

Taste: 10/10 – Very sweet and drinkable, tastes like juice.

Value: 10/10 – This drink set me back £4, which is amazing value for a cocktail in York.

To the humiliation of my friends, this was where my night came to a sickly and drunken end.

Thank you to the friendly taxi man that got me back home safe, and apologies to everyone outside Stone Roses that had to see that.