What to wear in York for Halloween

Because let’s be honest, nobody wants to have to wind up as a pumpkin

Obviously, as we approach Halloween there is only one question on every students' mind. What is the best Halloween costume I could wear? Not to worry, we've got you covered.


Your squad is definitely the best one around and you want to show this off by wearing matching outfits this Halloween. You’ve argued over who’s gets to be who this year and the theme has changed over 20 times because someone didn’t want to be that character, but before you all decide to bin it off and go individually, you find something.

There’s something timelessly entertaining about an all-boys group dressing up as the Spice Girls (secretly fighting over who gets to be Baby Spice) or other famously feminine squads, so for maximum attention go for this.

For mixed gender groups consider dressing as royalty as there’s nothing funnier than watching Queen Lizzie getting bevved on triple vodka mixers and the Prince of Wales’ grime face when he’s giving it his all on the dance floor. Group Halloween costumes are relatively cheap, so a last-minute trip to Poundland and a charity store should cover all bases.

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Girls for the ‘gram

Since when is Halloween about looking scary? Yes, its going to be -1 degrees but that’s not going to stop you from wearing leotards and ditching the hoodies because #HoesDon’tGetCold. You’re traumatised by how Georgia Nicholson from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging was the only girl wearing a funny costume at the party and since, the only olive you’re going to be wearing is the colour from your lace bodysuit. For you, I’d fully recommend looking at The Gypsy Shrine’s face and body stickers for a truly extra finish to your outfit. If stickers aren’t your thing, get your animal ears and masks to hand because just like in Mean Girls, you’re “a mouse – Duh?”.

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I mean… Isn't it obvious? ?? #Halloween

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Show that muscle pump(kin)

So, you’re a lad’s lad? No doubt you’ve wasted your Halloween budget on VKs, gym membership & questionable take-outs and now you are last-minute searching for outfits that’ll give you maximum opportunity to pull on Wednesday. You’ll google “muscle-fit Halloween costume” and scroll for an hour before coming to the same conclusion boys have been reaching before Halloween for years. So, let me save you the time: scissors, an old shirt and ketchup. Remember boys – the more rips, the more you can show off the abs.

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The easily cringed out

For those of you that have decided the 31st is just another Salvos Wednesday and the closest you’re getting to ghostly faces is from the hangover the following morning, I’d suggest wearing black. The clubs and house parties will be full of people covered in fake blood and face paint and the last thing you want is to make your Topman shirt look like a shot man’s shirt.

All or nothing

You want to make a statement, we get it. Students like you will spend weeks gathering cereal cardboard boxes and scrolling for hours through Pinterest for the D.I.Y job of the year, and you protest “it’s worth it” for the next-day Insta posts and Yorfess shoutouts. My advice? Supermarkets will often give you cardboard for free from their deliveries so you don’t need to bully your flatmates into chugging their Cheerios because you’re frantically trying to find extra boxes to complete the look.

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