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York Vision has been recalled after they asked readers to send nudes so they could rate them

Why send nudes to your MCM, when you could send them to the UKs ‘most awarded’ student newspaper?

The latest edition of York Vision has been recalled from campus by the University of York's Students' Union after they used their back page to ask readers to send in nudes.

York Vision said the nudes would be printed and "rated by our team of experts". This was due to be part of a new section of the student newspaper called "Nude Review".

According to the online version of the callout, the section was intended "to combat poor quality, low-effort naked pictures". The team would review them, "leaving comments on what they like, and tips on how to up your game".

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One York student pointed out that this obviously stupid idea was further complicated by the fact people could have submitted revenge porn.

In a statement on the YUSU website, the Sabbatical Officer team said: "The YUSU sabbatical team is disturbed and disappointed by today’s edition of York Vision.

"This is not in keeping with the journalistic standards of York student media or YUSU’s values and commitment to creating an inclusive environment for our students. The request for students to 'send nudes' to its website (a potential platform for revenge porn) is completely unacceptable.

"The paper has been published without appropriate sign off and we are looking to establish exactly what has happened as a matter of urgency.

"We do not endorse these articles and have removed the edition from campus and requested Vision remove their related online content. York Vision seriously needs to reflect on the feedback it has received today and consider their editorial practices for the future."

York Vision have struggled to print editions of their newspaper recently after financial sanctions were placed on them by YUSU.

Every page of York Vision is supposed to be signed off by a YUSU member of staff before it goes to print. This is in order to check for any legal issues or, it seems, whether student editors decide to use a newspaper funded by the student union in order to ask the student population for naked pictures.

Whoever's fuck up this was, we hope they get to the bottom of it soon.

York Vision YUSU have been contacted for further comment.