The unofficial dress-codes of the clubs in York

A phrase as old as time itself: jeans and a nice top

Welcome to a new academic year in which most freshers haven’t yet developed a routine outside of when the student nights are. In this vein, we have compiled a list of what is for some the most important part of a night out: the dress code.

Obviously this list has absolutely no authority over what you wear. I you want to go out in a onesie, that’s fine by us. This is more of a collection of relatable outfit-based problems people have on a night out.


Salvo. Standard. Everyone knows where they’re at with a Salvo night. This is usually because you’re at a sports social and therefore you already have a dress-code. “OMG wouldn’t it be great to do pub golf?” and the answer to that is “no” because pub golf is just a lame masquerade invented to allow people to showcase all their designer polos without getting shat on for being posh.

Why do uni sports team wear suits in the sweatiest club in York?!

If you aren’t on a sports team (or at least not pretending to be on a sports team in order to attend its socials) then the Salvos dress-code is summed up in a phrase as old as time itself: jeans and a nice top. This goes for all genders. This phenomenon also birthed what I like to refer to as “the fuckboy shirt”, which is like an ordinary shirt, but with shorter sleeves and therefore allows the strapping young men of York to show off their truly enormous biceps (can you taste the sarcasm?)


The Kuda dress-code is a far more mysterious beast. Kuda is one of those places you get dragged to reluctantly because it’s the only student night on and your mates want to go out. This means your outfit is a little improvised. For some reason everyone also tends to think that Kuda is “more dressy” than the likes of Salvo or Fibbers, which leads to a strange mish-mash of smart-cas. There are guys in long sleeved shirts but with shorts on to “dress it down” and there are girls in dresses but with their Nikes on because why not ruin a great outfit with dirty trainers? It is fashion carnage- sort of like a skimpier version of the Gucci Fall 2018 line.


Fibbers has a bit more of an obvious theme because it is that club that everybody goes to for the events. It’s that “save-the-date” night out that only comes up a couple of times per term where you and your mates all go to Soul Candy and have been planning outfits a month in advance. For me, this is reminiscent of festival attire. You’ve got the sequins and sparkles, the tinted specs and lots and lots of very wavy garms.

So yeah, it’s like a festival, except you’re cold on the way there, then you're in a sweaty steamy club, and you have a 9am tomorrow.


“Omg let’s go to Revs so we can dress up! Isn’t it just so nice to be able to wear a dress like you would if you went out at home?? Am I right ladies?”

No, because you put on your dress, your heels, your jewellery and all your makeup and then gradually start removing bits of it. You think maybe heels would be a little much… but then without heels the dress looks weird… and before you know it you’re just wearing your standard night out attire because you bottled it on the formalwear. And all the boys made fun of you all for doing it in the first place because they’re all wearing a shirt and jeans, like they do to literally every other occasion.

Standard smart casual look from York's finest boys


Ah, Mansion. The alty bunch, the mandem, the grungy grimey cool kids that everyone is a little bit unsure of (but who ultimately still go to a club to listen to Drake). You’ll see the vintage, the shell suits, the freshest of creps and just an uncomfortable amount of non-prescription glasses. For a minute you glance across the room and have a flashback of your parents’ photos from the 90s.

Vintage shirts are a must