Derwent has been listed as a Grade II building

This is big news

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Derwent College, one of the founding colleges at UoY has just been listed as a Grade II building. This may come as a surprise to many who chant "Derwent has asbestos" on nights out, as they should now say "Derwent is a Grade II building, na na na na…"

Derwent and Hes Hall looking truly stunning earlier this year

This new announcement might mean that the University will have to rethink some of their redevelopment plans. Derwent College and Central Hall make up a lot of the original campus when the University first opened.

The places that are now Grade II listed now include, Derwent College, including 'Old' Langwith College, the covered walkway between Derwent College and Central Hall, Central Hall, and the ramp leading to the Library bridge.

It truly is beautiful

The university also announced plans to build more accommodation on the Hes East campus that will see around 1400 new bedrooms being created and this is due to be completed by September 2020. This was due to happen on the eastern side of the campus but will now be on the western side, closer to Hes West.