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Salvos speak out: ‘As long as there’s 20,000 students in York, we’ll have a business’

Club Salvation have assured students they’re here to stay

Following the news that plans have been submitted to turn Club Salvation into a restaurant and flats, we reached out to the club to find out what's really going on.

Students from both UoY and York St John will be relieved to hear that Salvos isn't going anywhere for now.

A spokesperson for the club told The Tab: "The plans go public and everyone makes their own minds up. What's happened is that a five star hotel is next to the club and there's a new hotel going up on the corner of the street.

"However, the current building for Club Salvation is only licensed to be a nightclub – we've applied for planning to cover our arses, just in case we do need to relocate.

"There's only a remote possibility that we'll have to convert and if we did, the club would simply relocate. As long as there's 20,000 students in York, we'll have a business."

The quotes from Club Salvation, are supported by an earlier statement made on the club's Facebook page. In that statement, they said "We think hat at some point in the next five years or so it's going to get a bit posh around here, and when it does Salvo may be better off somewhere else."

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It seems that for the foreseeable future Salvos is staying put.