Halal takeaways York: Here are all the Halal takeaways in York

They are few and far between

As a Muslim student, naturally one of the first things I sought to find when I accepted my place at York was all the Halal takeaways.

This led me to a damning realisation – there are very few. I've done the research and listed them all out below, allowing you to find them in one convenient place.

Sadly, the major student takeaways such as Efe's Pizza, Yummy Chicken and Vikings Pizza are not halal so us Muslim students have to miss out on the vast majority of their menus although their Margherita and Vegetarian pizzas are halal as they contain no meat.

Here are all the Halal takeaways in York.


Sizzlers has a relatively standard menu and you can order your favourite fast food such as burgers, pizzas or kebabs. They do, however, charge a £1 delivery fee and have a minimum spend of £10 if you're ordering via Just Eat though for purchases over £25 they do offer you a free garlic bread with tomato or cheese. How generous.

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Chenab Balti Takeaway

This is one of the more popular curry houses in York. They serve your favourite Indian cuisines, such as Bhunas, Rogan Josh, Kormas and Madras. They also serve other Indian food such as biryani.

There is free delivery for orders over £9.

Jinnah Restaurant

This restaurant was formerly the sponsor of Derwent's football team and here you will find your favourite Indian cuisine. They serve a variety of Tandoori dishes, as well as Chicken Tikka Masala, Biryani and various Indian sides such as samosas and pakoras.

There is free delivery but a minimum spend of £12.

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Flame Grill

This is the one you want to try if you want something a bit different from your regular fast food. York Nandos isn't halal so us Muslim students must go to Flame Grill for our Peri Peri fix. They also serve a variety of burgers and kebabs.

Ali G's

Yes, there is actually a takeaway named after Sacha Baron Cohen's fictional character. Their menu even acknowledges this with its "Ali G In Da House" burger which is a beef burger topped with cheese and donner meat.

Ali Gs also celebrates some of York's colleges, with their "Derwent Supreme pizza" (Chilli Con Carne, Red Onions, Ham*, Salami, Pepperoni and Jalapenos), "Wentworth Supreme pizza" (chicken, donner meat, red onions, roast peppers & chilli sauce).

Delivery is available on orders that cost £9 or more, with a £1 delivery fee.

*As it is a Halal takeaway and pig meat is automatically not Halal, they use Turkey Ham as a substitution.

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There are also a number of other curry houses which are Halal: Naz Spice, Village Spice, Paprika, Jorvik Spice and Kashmir Indian cuisine which are also worth checking out.

That's it, there are all of the Halal takeaways we have to choose from in York.