Spotted: University of York students floating down River Ouse on lilos

They have been banned from the city centre for two days

Nine UoY students have been issued a 48 hour ban from York city centre after police were called in response to them floating down the River Ouse on inflatables.

The students were helped out of the river by North Yorkshire Police by popular student drinking spots The Kings Arms and the Lowther, and given dispersal orders.

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When asked about the incident, which occurred on the 6th of June, a spokesperson said:

"It goes without saying that this was a very dangerous act and could have ended in tragedy. We do not want to be killjoys, but the river is extremely dangerous, especially when alcohol is involved. We strongly advise people not to enter the river and never, ever go on the river in lilos."

The York City Centre Police also tweeted about the event, emphasising the dangers of drinking around the river, something that has led to incidents of drowning in the past.

The nine students were photographed by onlookers and photos were sent to the student-run 'Yorfess' Facebook page and their photo received over 300 reactions. As of now, the Tab does not know who these students are, but are looking to find out who they are of if anyone knows them.