Over 400 glasses have gone missing from DBar this year

Staff are trying to get students to snitch on people who may have ‘acquired’ one

Over 400 glasses have gone missing from DBar, staff at the Derwent College bar have revealed.

In a Facebook post, they launched a glass amnesty in order to reclaim 80 per cent of their glass stock that has been lost since first term of this academic year.

Only 30 Stella Artois chalices remain from a batch of 192, and a lonely three Strongbow pint glasses can still be found behind the bar instead of the original 96.

DBar have said every student that returns a clean glass to the bar will have a 50/50 chance of winning a free shot, before encouraging people to "tag/shame a mate who would win the most shots" in the comments of the Facebook post.

LOST!Estimated nearly 400 glasses since Christmas. At least 200 Stella and 80 Bud 😞Reward!50/50 chance of winning…

Posted by UoY Campus Bars on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

DBar staff told The Tab they estimate to have had the following glassware in November 2017.

– 192 Stella Artois

– 96 Budweiser

-96 – Strongbow

– 48 Lowenbrau

However, this week DBar have revealed to only have the following remaining behind the bar:

– 30 Stella Artois

– 40 Budweiser

– 3 Strongbow

– 20 Lowenbrau

On top of this, only 10 of 48 regular pint glasses that were bought at Christmas remain. Adding to this, DBar introduced 60 reusable plastic water glasses last month in order to reduce waste and only five of those are left.

Derwent Rugby, who basically prop up the bar, have described the situation as a "shame", with incoming President Louis Sharpe-Ward telling The Tab:

"[It] inevitably means d bar has to spend more on glasses, pushing prices up. which no-one wants."

Tom Flather, another member of Derwent Rugby, told The Tab: "It's a shame people choose to disrespect DBar and their staff.

"It's us who end up suffering the consequences when all the pitchers and things have gone missing.

"Although this is a good chance for freshers to get a load of free shots as they inevitably have a lot of stolen glasses knocking about their blocks."

Other theories of where the missing glasses could have got to include "in the lake", proposed by one comment on Facebook, while a notorious house of seven Derwent boys responded to allegations that they were prime suspects as, "delusional".

DBar told The Tab that so far zero glasses have been returned.