We went on TripAdvisor to see what people actually think of York

Shout out the people who have time in their days to write TripAdvisor reviews

Have you ever wondered what the people of the world think about our beloved city? Have you ever been so bored in Fairhurst where you actually want to find out rather than watch another minute of a lecture you really should have gone to in November? Well then, this is the article for you…

JB Morrell is a DREAM

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A win for organisation!

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Bloody authentic smelling students – take a shower!

Some very very specific comments about Flares

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Flares isn't Flares without the Flair

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Obviously the thing everyone loves about Fudge Kitchen is the free fudge

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Tbf what's better than free fudge?

On Kuda

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I can't help but dance to some banging bass and beats when in Kuda

Society is full of 'typical student types'…shock

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I guess Lowther is a… timeless classic?

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Who doesn't love Koh at Salvos?!

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On York Minster

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It is nice looking tbf

Here's Stone Roses biggest fan

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Sally Cinnamon you're my world

King's Manor, with all of its 'medieval grandeur'

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A beautiful building… but must it be so far away?