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Exclusive: Alcuin College set to close at the end of the academic year

The decision was taken lightly

Alcuin College, one of the oldest colleges at the University of York, is set to close at the end of the academic year.

The decision was unanimously passed by the senior management team at the University during a meeting on Thursday.

The Vice-Chancellor was not available for comment last night but he reportedly expressed his satisfaction with the decision made in the meeting, as suggested by various reports.

The main reason behind the decision is due to the low application rates to the college in recent years, with the intake for 2018/2019 expected to be the lowest in history.

Alcuin is nestled behind the library and on the edge of the Science Park, with a reputation for being one of the more 'boring' colleges at York.

Their yawn-inducing notoriety has reportedly put off prospective freshers from applying to the college, with people more likely to apply to either Langwith or Constantine on Hes East or the popular Derwent College on Hes West.

The news that Alcuin will be closing is good news for the science departments as the university confirmed the halls will be renovated over the summer break into extra labs and lecture spaces.

It will also come as good news for coffee lovers as the Kitchen at Alcuin will be expanded. From September, it will be known as 'The Dining Hall at Alcuin'.

The remaining students of Alcuin will be 'collegiately homeless', and will have the chance to re-apply to another college. However, the college they apply to will then interview all candidates before selecting the least boring students.

Perhaps there will be an influx of Alcuin students to Derwent

Before you get too excited check the date…Happy April Fools.