People in York are the third most likely to get laid this Valentine’s day

But if you live in Aberdeen, I’m so sorry

The Devil's Dance is right around the corner for many of us living in York this V-Day, as research from Superdrug has shown that York is the third most popular place for couples to have sex.

Good news if you live in York (if not then what are you doing here?) and even better news if you have a significant other. If not order yourself something from Efe's and eat your feelings away.

Liverpool is the most popular place for couples to have sex, and Aberdeen is the least popular.

Below are the top and bottom five cities in the UK based on the percentage of couples living there who will be having sex this year.

Top 5

Liverpool, 88%

Cambridge, 87%

York, 86%

Manchester, 86%

Southampton, 84%

Bottom 5

Northampton, 59%

Portsmouth, 58%

Belfast, 53%

Durham, 47%

Aberdeen, 37%

The survey, where 2,000 people were interviewed, revealed that 7 per cent use emojis in order to get lucky during the week.

Stay safe everyone, and keep woohoo-ing.

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