We spoke to York students to find out what they really think about the lecturers’ strikes

“I hope we get refunded”


It was recently revealed that members of the UCU plan to strike in response to controversial changes to their pension plans.

The University of York is one of 61 UK universities which is expecting its staff to go on strike for up to four weeks. Find out exactly when the strikes will be taking place here.

I spoke to students around campus to find out what they really think.

Lou, first year, German and Linguistics

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"The company that runs the pensions need to get their shit together because the lecturers are going to lose a lot of money that they've worked a long time for, so… stop being a dick."

Phoebe, first year, Music

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"I think that it is important that people are allowed to express their dismay about working conditions and pay but it would be a shame if any disruption is caused but it is ultimately necessary."

Tom, first year, Music and Sound Recording

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"It doesn't affect me much because of my department but I would be interested in learning more about it."

Maddy and Sam, both first year, both English

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Maddy "I hope we get refunded for it. I'd rather that they take action that doesn't affect students."

Sam "I hope it doesn't extend term time. We all have things outside of term time that we've planned, like a job or things with family."

Conrad, first year, Politics

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"As students we already pay tuition fees and these would be wasted in the foreseeable cancellations of lectures so I have set up a petition that argues we should be reimbursed." Sign the petition here.

Jonathan, first year, Philosophy and Politics

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"Much like [the lecturers], students across the country are at risk of their Universities not providing what was promised to them. The total number of contact hours that students will not receive due to the strikes will of course differ. Personally, the relation between the fees I pay and the amount of contact hours I typically receive means that, proportionately, I will be paying for £994 worth of education that I will not be receiving. This is wrong, and students nationwide have a right to be reimbursed in some way for the failings of the institutions responsible. I think I speak on behalf of most of the students here when I say that I back the strikers completely. However, much like the strikers, we as students, expect to receive what we were promised and therefore deserve."

Gabriel, second year, History

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"Whilst the strikes are disrupting students, teachers still have the right to protest. However, it should come at minimum disruption to students because we already pay a lot to come to university."

Alicia, third year, Philosophy

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"I think it's understandable that lecturers need to strike. I support them, though it is a shame that it affects students the most. It is annoying because we are already paying for our education and we have no power in this bargain even though we are not the cause of the issue."

Lydia, third year, SPS

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"I appreciate that striking is a right and I understand that the proposed changes to lecturers' pension schemes will have a prolonged effect on their futures. However, it is important to note that these changes are proposed and not yet put in place. At university, are we not meant to support changes to outdated laws? It is a shame that we are the ones paying for the proposed changes, despite the fact we have already payed for the contact hours that we are going to miss."