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A York student has set up a petition to reimburse students for the upcoming strikes

He suggests students are entitled to £300 in refunds

Conrad White, a first year Politics student at The University of York, has set up an online petition which argues that students are entitled to refunds for the contact hours that they will miss as a result of the strikes that will take place between weeks 7 and 10 of the Spring Term.

The industrial action, which will also include picketing, is a response to proposed changes to lectures' pension schemes.

Speaking to The Tab, Conrad said: "As students we already pay tuition fees and these would be wasted in the foreseeable cancellations of lectures so I have set up a petition that argues we should be reimbursed."

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The petition reads "We, the undersigned students of the University of York, demand £300 of compensation for every student for every student who loses contact time due to the upcoming strike action from the 22nd of February to the 16th of March 2018. We judge this to be a fair share of the £9,000 annual tuition fee that we already pay to this university that we will lose in the anticipated lecture cancellations."

At the time of writing, the petition has gained 316 signatures with an initial goal of 500, though the more people that sign it, the more likely it is that action will take place.

The petition can be found here.