A collection of Twitter’s most savage take-downs of York students

These people have zero chill

As every UoY student knows, whilst we may have the prestige of coming to an awesome uni, with that we must also bear the burden of being stereotyped as boring.

Yawn, so unoriginal. The usual jokes of York being the "boring uni of the North", inferior to its cooler peers, Manchester and Leeds. Obviously this claim is completely wrong because Manc and Leeds students are so full of ket that their existence is like that Leonardo DiCaprio movie Inception and just one great big fucking lie, but that's a story for another day.

So anyway, in 2018 where everyone has a lot to say about everything, Twitter is our Colosseum for Generation Y keyboard warriors, and here is a montage of Twitter's most savage take-downs of UoY. Do enjoy.

Mate, if trebles are £2.70 you have every reason to be steaming

Did she just call us a "breed"?

Shortly after vomming and dabbing, (hopefully not at the same time)…

To be fair right, he was probably a notorious Derwent or James lad, absolute fuckboy

We're too boring to do drugs, yet we're still class A…

Oh Joe, only between the sheets… 😉

Apparently we're baby faced Conservatives…

Pussyholes too, umm…

Don't forget nonces too!

Hands up everyone who was rejected from Oxbridge…

Okay I honestly think I've uncovered a bigger conspiracy theory than the the moon landing being faked…

Even the geese are getting more action than you 🙁

Please raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimised by Kiera

The sweet dulcet tones of York students…

At least we're fit though…

Really, really, really hope he doesn't mean the geese.

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