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An exclusive cheeky peak at this year’s York Sport naked calendar

The calendar is raising money for York Mind

Photos from this year's naked York Sport calendar have been exclusively revealed to the Tab, and we are sharing them with you out of the kindness of our hearts.

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The Committee

The calendar has 11 different sports teams included, as well as the York Sport Committee. The sports teams include Rugby Union, Women's Rugby, Darts, Constantine Netball, Sailing, Mountaineering, Men's Waterpolo, Women's Lacrosse, Cheerleading, and MMA.

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It's all in support of York Mind, a charity that plays a crucial role in empowering those who are suffering from a mental health condition to make a recovery and cope with their illness.

Nisha Desai, York Sport's Fundraising and Events Officer, told The Tab: "York Mind play a vital role in empowering people suffering with mental health to make a recovery and cope with their illness, which is why we decided it is important to support them and we hope you will join us by purchasing one of these awesome calendars."

The calendar costs £8 and can be purchased directly from YUSU.