Vote for your favourite uni rugby Movember moustache

It’s the MOst wonderful time of the year

Thankfully, November brings more than just cold and rain and earlier sunsets, it brings with it the return of some interesting facial hair in the name of men’s health.

We've heard about the Derwent boys and their fundraising efforts, so now it's time for a quick sideways pass to the uni rugby team.

The Movember campaign aims to bring visibility to the issue of men’s health, and the money made through donations goes towards prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention in men.

The Uni Rugby boys have come out in full force supporting the cause, yielding their razors for the entire month in the hope of nurturing some rugged ‘taches' and in turn securing your donations.

Club President Ed Blundell said that “Movember is a great cause and a good laugh that we are happy to be involved with.” With an ambitious target of £1000, the club have set the bar high after raising over £400 from last year's efforts, and have already reached over £650 this time around.

Speaking about why the team continue to get involved with Movember, Club Secretary Theo Forbes said that “our main aim is to raise as much as possible for the causes that the charity supports as they are incredibly important to the club. In the meantime, we all look like idiots and get to have a bit of fun with terrible facial hair.” Just how terrible, we’ll let you decide below!

If you’d like to donate to this brilliant cause and help the rugby boys reach their target, you can do so here. And remember vote for your favourite 'tache at the end of the article.

Ed Blundell (Club President)

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Theo Forbes (Club Secretary)

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Rob Turner

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Nat Abery

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