Which Kanye West album is your college? Part Two


Last year a few Tab Journalists took a musical odyssey into the mind of Kanye West, following the release of his latest and arguably most influential album; 'The Life of Pablo'. They consequently created a list of which college was its corresponding Kanye album. Here is the second part, a long time coming.

808s & Heartbreak – Halifax College

Kanye's fourth offering was a world away from his earlier work. Personal tragedy, alienation and loss were prevalent themes in this album with Kanye mostly singing through Auto-tune. The theme of alienation is most likely to be shared with those of Halifax College, for being so cut off from both campuses. We are there for you.

"Welcome to Heartbreak"

Late Orchestration – Vanbrugh College

The causal Kanye listener will look at this confusingly, because his second album isn't called Late Orchestration, but Late Registration right? This however is the live recording with a 17 piece orchestra and plays songs from his first two albums. Vanbrugh is the musical college on the block (see their logo) so it makes logical sense to pair these two together.

Graduation – Wentworth College

Ahh yes, the 'golden oldies'. Whilst these guys have already graduated with their undergraduates degree, they just simply can't let go of the university lifestyle or say goodbye to the eduroam network. Graduation also see's a shift in Kanye's musical direction to something more anthemic and arena friendly sound. As Kanye graduated to a different sound, we hope these postgrads graudate into the real world. Soon.

Move on Wentworth people

Late Registration – James College

Ah yes a controversial choice. This is for many their favourite Kanye album and who could blame them? It contains hits such as 'Gold Digger', 'Touch the Sky', and 'Heard 'Em Say', and for many that's all they need for their Kanye fix when you add in the topic lyrical themes he explores. However, the seasoned Kanye listener will tell you that whilst this album has its merits, it isn't all that its cracked up to be. This album does have its flaw, making it fleetingly beautiful but often frustrating. This reminded the Tab of the general vibe of James College, thinking they're better than they actually are. Pipe down.

This photo speaks for itself

Cruel Summer – Alcuin College

I mean this is the Kanye effort (a compilation album released in 2012) that everyone forget's. Rather like Alcuin. The college that is always there, but the one everyone forgets about its very existence, tucked away behind the library.