Your guide to fitting in perfectly at York’s edgiest ‘underground’ nights

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If you are reading this, you are probably wondering what York is like on a night out that doesn't involve downing VKs to stay sane in Salvos, or slut dropping to Drake in Tiki bar to get back at your boyfriend who ditched you for a night of beers and FIFA with his boys.

York has a collection of nights that actually don't involve either of the above. No we aren't Manchester, Leeds or Bristol. But it is fair to say that the past few years have seen York undergo a large transition. These nights are for all those out there who just can’t stomach Mr. Brightside anymore and crave something a little more niche.

Blackbox – Techno, House, Disco

This is likely to be one of the locations that students who get tired of the classic club nights end up. Blackbox is filled with people who take their house music really goddamn seriously. Aficionados who prefer to review the DJ’s mixing rather than have a dance are everywhere, and when the guy on stage whips out a saxophone while DJing you'll know you've reached the edgy side of clubbing in York. Past acts include Maribou State, Palms Trax, Session Victim, Crazy P, Henry Wu and Mall Grab. Get your tickets for next week's BlackBox here.

Drop. – Grime, Garage

Drop. is where you’ve got a 50/50 chance of either meeting a hardened grime fan who’s been listening to Wiley since 2005 or a Cambridge reject in boat shoes who ‘bloody loves this shit.’ With previous acts including AJ Tracey, Solo 45, Ms. Dynamite, Plastician, Section Boyz, Zed Bias and Crazy Cousinz, you can expect a lot of North Face garms, gun fingers and guys 'ironically' dabbing. Either way, if you came to York a hardened grime veteran or if you've been listening to your Dad's old U2 CDs and want a change, Drop. is the place for you. If you want a taste of some actual Grime and a good night out, then Novelist is coming to York this Friday so cop yourself a ticket and you'll see what we are talking about.

Tremor – Bassline

At some point in the night, everyone at Tremor thinks ‘if I have to be elbowed one more time by a bloke in a Palace tee who loves bassline I’m gonna lose my effing mind.’ And if you aren't thinking that, that's cuz ur gurning your face off. It’s generally filled with sweaty people who scream ‘I AM THE DRUM AND BASS FATHER, BODY LIKE GAZA’ while they mosh on the Fibbers dance-floor. By previously hosting names like My Nu Leng and TQD, Tremor should be attracting more elbow-happy streetwear lovers than ever this year.

Terra Firma – Drum & Bass

Some have described it as Tremor's younger, more attractive brother. TF is the newest addition to York's edgy music scene, and the first introduction of genuine drum and bass. Already with plenty of releases under their eponymous label, TF's first event took place last week and was SOLD OUT! It seems Mansion was filled with students who had been 'waiting years for a D&B night in York', but had never actually liked the genre til about two weeks ago? Anyway, if you like Red Stripe, keying on the D-floor and using the word 'dank', then this is your night.

Soul Candy – Disco, Funky Sass (in the words of the curator), 80s

You won’t know where to look amid the sequins, flares and massive pupils at Soul Candy. People who go usually take it as their chance to party like it's a decade before they were born. Full of disco belters that your Mum loves like Duran Duran and the Human League, Soul Candy is a cross between what Popworld would’ve been like in the 80s and a school disco with a lot of alcohol, and somehow transcends both.

Rowdy shirts lads

Rowdy shirts lads

On & On – Techno, House

No one really knows what's going on but you think you're having a good time and you take sporadic sips of water to get by. You nod at other people standing around you and they nod back at you, but you don't start up a conversation. This is a place for music and nothing more. The house and techno music you're mate told you about is quite loud, but you're enjoying it a lot and the visuals are pretty sick and you think everyone else is having a good time too. They also held a carnival and a paint party last year. Oh, and they brought Monki to York so keep your eyes peeled for more. Oh, and they have brand ambassadors??

There are many more underground nights in York, such as Bassmentality (bassline), Herbal Mafia (dubstep, drum and bass), Irie Vibes (reggae), CLK WRK (techno), Animaux (electronica, house, techno) and various others. Most will post flyers around campus and create events on Facebook, so take the time to check them all out.

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