Important: Which is the best smoking area in York?

It does get better than a cig on the road outside Kuda

In York, if smoking is your bread and butter, then nice smoking areas at clubs and bars can be hard to come by. There are plenty of cold, uncovered streets where students are forced to stand, constantly being rained on and splashed by cars while they tuck into their tobacco.

However, there are some silver linings in the middle of this sea of misery. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the best smoking areas in York.


Now Revolution may not even be a club to some, but in York we're such fucking party animals we can't resist making it one. The smoking area itself is a dream. With wooden benches and tables everywhere, there is ample room for the whole #squad, while it overlooks the tranquil River Ouse if you're after a bit of peace and quiet with your cigarette.

Furthermore every Sunday, Revs open up a stall at the back to sell pizza slices – it's as if they knew cigarettes are a million times better after a meal while you're drunk. In Winter, it's covered with canvas tents to stop the rain and adorned with some funky disco balls so you can basically still be soaking up those sweet clubbing vibes even when you're outside. So for the dream smoking area, look no further.

Evil Eye

Hidden behind their specialist gin shop is one of York's best cocktail bars. Cocktails, mocktails and shots galore – their drinks menu is six pages long with over a hundred cocktails to chose from! The smoking area out the back is as colourful as their drinks (and their staff) with huge, psychedelic wall paintings spread over three walls. With a few large tables and lots of chairs you can easily fit a big group out there but hang on to your seats as on the weekend there's a queue as big as Kuda's to get inside York's inked-up bar.

Kennedy's Bar and Restaurant

Burgers and cocktails, what's not to love🍔🍹

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Chill out on Kennedy's roof top terrace with your fave ice cold beverage, cigarette and a 2-4-1 burger (on Wednesdays) for a classier alternative to pound-a-pint. Decorated with all those student essentials, fairy lights, potted plants and heaters, you'll feel right at home.

But if you're feeling lively, put your cig down and head inside where music plays and you can dance until the early hours of the morning and pretend you're in Salvo.

The Graduate

You don't have to have graduated to grab a delicious pint and a cig in The Graduate. With two floors inside and a large patio smoking area outside, kitted out with sofas, chairs and lots of heaters everyone from freshers to lecturers to locals can have a party here.

Furthermore, Graduate has free wifi and all the top sporting action on TV. But if that's not enough you can even start your own foosball, pool or air hockey tournament and keep an eye on the competition, while smoking your cig, through the glass paneled walls.

The Fossgate Social

And last but not least, the perfect place for those smokey, cold, Yorkshire nights, the Fossgate Social. In the winter months Fossgate's adorable little smoking area, with it's benches and flower beds, is transformed by "the shed". "The shed" is filled with comfy cushions and blankets and fairy lights to keep you warm and cosy while you smoke a cigarette and sip mulled wine.

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