Forget chunder charts, these freshers have an ambulance chart in their halls kitchen

There are five tallies already and they’ve only been at uni for nine days

Chunder charts are found in most fresher halls, charts of who's the top shagger are also commonplace, but these freshers have taken documenting their university experience using tallies to the next level.

These University of York freshers have created an ambulance chart, tallying the number of ambulance trips they have made so far. Of course, they also have a chunder chart and a flat incest chart.

One ambulance was called when one of the group needed emergency root canal treatment after getting into a fight on a night out, while another dislocated his shoulder after jumping from a 15ft wall.

The freshers in the kitchen

The freshers in the kitchen

The first two housemates to appear on the chart say they were spiked in Salvos on their first Wednesday at uni. Quick-thinking STYCs (second years who look after freshers on their first week) dialled 999 twice in the same night after seeing the condition of the two girls when they got home.

The next day, another ambulance was needed after a student jumped off a wall and dislocated his shoulder. He was trying to get home after a night out at Revs, when he misjudged a shortcut walking home from town.

The housemates were worried he might have died, saying: "Everyone looked down and he wasn't moving, so two other guys jumped down after him."

They're all in joint first place

They're all in joint first place

Paramedics were called and the student was taken to hospital. There, he was surprised to find himself placed in a bed right next to another member of the house. This other housemate had been brought to hospital that same night after suffering from alcohol poisoning.

The latest fresher from the house to visit hospital got into a fight near Kuda nightclub last Monday after being kicked out of Stone Roses bar.

He was left needing emergency root canal treatment which resulted in the loss of a tooth. If that wasn't bad enough, the fight also left his eye swollen shut.

None of these guys are the ones on the chart

None of these guys are the ones on the chart

Nathan, one of the housemates who studies Law, said: "I don't remember what happened with my housemate, I just remember waking up the next day and asking what had happened with him. I saw him the morning after, with his black eye and his teeth with all the wiring.

"I started drinking at like 6pm that day, it was my birthday. By 11pm, I was in my room and then I was sick in my sink. I blocked it."

The house were notorious before the creation of the ambulance chart, known for having a doll as their house mascot. They caved in its head in order to do shots out of it. It's called Sabine and they've even made an Instagram for it.

Christening the sesh baby

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Another housemate, who hasn't yet appeared on the ambulance chart, said: "It's the one chart I actually do want to get on. On Thursday, it's happening."