24 things you should definitely know as a fresher

Everything you need to know if you’ve just started at the Uni of York

1. Your flatmates are your friends

Even if they seem like the exact opposite to who you'd usually be friends with, they're almost definitely really great and come with the added bonus of being your always available neighbours.

2. Look out for said flatmates

Even if it means unclogging their chunder from the kitchen sink or holding their hand on a trip to the Sexual Health Clinic.

We don't bite, promise

We don't bite, promise

3. Don't get with your flatmate in Freshers week (or possibly ever)

It'll be awkward for you, them, and the rest of your flatmates. No worries though, it's not like you have a year to live with them.

4. York has literal angels that patrol the streets on club nights to look out for you

The Night Safe volunteers are always about on a night out should you need help with getting yourself or a friend home safely. On top of that, you can download the SafeZone app to your phone. With the click of a button you can be in contact with Security, First Aid, or Emergency Services and they'll be able to track your exact location. If nothing else, it'll definitely placate your worried parents.

5. Salvo Wednesdays are really sweaty but really worth it

Every Wednesday night is social's night. Even if you don't really play sports, join a college team for jokes just so you can be a part of the infamous Wednesday socials.

6. But don't wear offensive fancy dress

Socials are all fun and games until someone starts on the racist or classist stereotypes.

James College Netball- meaow

James College Netball- meaow

7. STYCs are the BEST

During freshers week your flat will come with it's very own set of STYCs. These are second and third years who are there to help you out, and get drunk with you during Fresher's week. They are amazing antidotes to the general awkwardness of suddenly having to talk with a load of people you've never met before. Don't worry, the STYCs will be more embarrassing than you.

8. But don't get with your STYC

Your STYCs are there to look after you while you're feeling a bit vulnerable and getting to grips with a new environment. Better to wait until week two before you make your move!

9. Don't stay with the freshers pull!

He might be tall and blonde and a bit edgier than the boys back home, but he probably isn't the love of your life and probably isn't looking to share a mortgage just yet. And it's freshers week- neither should you!

10. Efe's do the best pizza delivery

Don't waste your money on Dominoes. Efe's on Heslington Road is much cheaper and much greasier. Plus they throw in a free cheesy garlic bread if your order is right.

11. You hate Derwent

Unless you're in Derwent, but maybe even then.

12. You are not at York University, you are at the UNIVERSITY OF YORK

York University is in Canada- a mistake you don't want to be making on your next asos order.

13. Make friends with people on your course

You will need them when you miss a lecture or are looking for a revision partner.

14. You're not above pre drinking out of a mug

No one is.



15. No matter what anyone tells you, there is no shame in going to Flares or Popworld

Sometimes, you just want to boogie to an eclectic mix of 2005 Mcfly, JLS and 80s top hits. Plus Popworld has a revolving dancefloor. I know.

16. There are geese everywhere

Don't. get. too. close.

17. Wash your dishes

Your flat kitchen gets cleaned once a week but ONLY if you have basically done the job yourself first. Don't leave the sink full of dirty dishes and get in trouble with the cleaners. They have a hard enough job anyway, make it easier for them and you by washing up after yourself.

18. Get a bus pass!

Especially if you're living on campus, the First Bus deals are your friend! They have a handy dandy offer on until the 7th of October that gives you an All-Term Bus Pass for 150 quid, money that is more than worth it if you're going to spending 1.50 every time you don't want to walk into town. TRUST ME.


There are societies for literally everyone, so make use of the Fresher's Fair and find somewhere you might be happy. Don't get drawn in by the free food either- you'll have three years of unwanted emails to pay!

20. Don't be confused by the caravan in Kuda's Tiki Bar, just accept it

There's literally a caravan in the club, take it as you will.

21. NISA

You'll spend an unwarranted amount of time debating on how to pronounce it (nee-sa or ny-sa????) and too much of your money. It'll be your saviour in terms of a hangover curing meal-deal but won't do your pocket a lot of good- find the time to walk to Aldi when you can.

22. Don't do anything you are not comfortable with!!!!

Fresher's week is renowned for being all about booze and casual sex- that doesn't mean you have to do it all! Have confidence to do your own thing and only say yes when you want to say yes.

This is Greg's Place by the way

This is Greg's Place by the way

23. Be yourself

I admitted to my love of One Direction on night one and still made friends.

24. York is the greatest, and one of the most affordable places to be at Uni in the world.

Well, there you have it. Good luck!

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