York is one of the most affordable cities to live in for students

It means we also spend the least on going out

York is the ninth the most cost-effective city in the UK for students, according to research by Natwest that reveals how much it really costs to go to university in 2017.

Cardiff came in first place for affordability and Durham and Manchester also score highly. York is more affordable according to the findings than other nearby cities such as Leeds and Sheffield.

To obtain these results, Natwest asked over 3000 university students how much they spent on food, rent and bills as well as how well they balance their time between work and socialising.

We are more affordable than Leeds, and spend far less going out

We are more affordable than Leeds, and spend far less going out

York students along with Durham and Southampton spend the least on going out, which is in contrast to Leeds and Newcastle who spend the most.

The findings also state how on average, students across the UK spend £43.30 a month on going out which is more than three times than what students spend on their hobbies in the same time.

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