York Minster is the 110th most Instagrammed place in the world

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If you use Instagram and live or study in York, you will probably be aware that York Minster does a great job of making itself known online, particularly as it remains amongst the top tourist attractions in the UK. Being one of the largest and most outstanding cathedrals in the North of Europe, most people’s Instagram feeds are filled with numerous edgy angles of its glorious gothic architecture.

We’ve all been there. Taking a photo of our friends jokily posed next to some oblivious tourists outside the front of it, and edited it in either chrome or black and white to hide the likely rain. Let’s be honest, taking pics of the minster makes us look really arty and cultural!!



As a result, York Minster is the 110 most Instagrammed tourist attraction in the world, and the 12th most ‘hashtagged’ in the UK. For this reason it can be confirmed that the 250 year build was not a waste of time.

Out of the places in the UK with the most hashtags; in the top three are Big Ben with 2.5 million hashtags, Buckingham Palace with nearly 587,000 and Anfield football stadium, with a total of 420,000.



At the top of the charts worldwide unsurprisingly comes Disneyland Florida with 14.6 million tags, and the Eiffel Tower in second place with a mere 7.2 million. Comparatively, the Minster has 76,301 hashtags as of yet. Soon to be 76,302 though.

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