Theft reported after deliberate Wentworth arson attack

Money was stolen from The Edge Bar

The University confirmed today that a theft took place yesterday at Wentworth College. Money was stolen from one of the tills at The Edge Bar in Wentworth – it is not known yet how much money was taken. This revelation comes after people were evacuated yesterday after an arson attack took place within the nucleus of the College.

Staff and students waited for 40 minutes before being let back into the building at around 2.15 pm.

The University told York Vision that there was a theft from a till reported to them and that this occurred when the building was being evacuated due to the fire. It is unclear as of yet if the individual who made the theft was also the same person who started the fire.

The University’s Health and Fire Safety Officer Chris Teeling confirmed that someone had set fire to something “above one of the toilets upstairs above a ceiling tile”, and this could have set fire to the whole building.

Thankfully no one was hurt after yesterdays event and University management told Vision that:

“Nobody was injured and staff and students were allowed back into the building a short time later after the building was declared safe”.

If anything has any information relating to both the theft and the arson, they are urged to come forward and get in contact with the authorities. The University are also continuing to investigate both incidents.