The worst thing about going out in York is the queue for the girls’ toilets

Omg love your dress babe

It’s Sunday revs, Roses Weekend, You’ve spent two hours queuing to get in and by the time you’ve got your obligatory Revs photo it’s probably time for a wee. Prepare yourself to queue. What do girls seriously do in there?

For myself, I can be in and out in 30 seconds. I appreciate that girls may need a little longer at certain times of the month, but the amount of time girls spend in toilet cubicles has me mystified. It’s all well and good girls becoming ‘best friends’ in there, but for those of us that really need to pee or want to get back to our actual friends, it’s an absolute nightmare. Surely just use the men’s toilets, is what I often think. But, after getting kicked out of Stone Roses last term it’s not always a successful solution.

It’s not even just in clubs where this is a problem; I spend half my days in J.B Morrell queuing for the toilets and walking up to different floors in the search for a smaller queue. As much as I welcome any kind of distraction from my work, this is valuable time in which I could be writing more on my dissertation.

Now taking essential reading whilst waiting

In 2017, it seems ridiculous that we have to have separate toilets just for gender. Having gender neutral toilets would mean that girls who don’t want to spend their entire night in a queue don’t have to, and boys don’t get to stroll past this long line thinking how lucky they are that they’re a guy. It would also help people who identify as neither male or female to feel more comfortable.


But until then, a polite message to girls in toilets: HURRY UP !!!

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