Every single person you will see at Après on your uni ski trip

“Tils, make sure you get one of me and Esme dancing on the table!”

Over the Christmas or Easter holidays, you may decide to be taken up some mountains via a charming 20 hour coach journey riddled with stinking boys, the stench of cheap lager and some unfortunate music such as the Kygo remix of Sexual Healing. At this point it’s also worth noting that you will probably nod off to the background murmurs of people discussing where they did their ski seasons. This generally helps you to get to sleep though.

However, aside from the gruelling journey, this will undoubtedly turn out to be one of your best decisions, and most amazing weeks of your life. Not only will you be surrounded by the sun, snow, beautiful mountains and all your best pals, but you also have the joys of Après to look forward to.

Here’s a list of pretty much everyone at Après you’ll see next year. If you don’t see one of them that’s probably because they are you.

Let’s start with the slightly creepy DJ at Folie, coked off his nut

The group that WILL ask you to take a selfie with them

The matching fruit just having a lovely time 

Visible from over 7km away x

Old, drunk people

Did they plan this?

The very burnt

It hurts my eyes to look at this

 The very pale

“Guys maybe if we stand over here we can avoid the sun”

The group wearing all vintage

Only 10 euros to rent for an hour!

Those home friends who met completely by coincidence

The terrible onesie that should have been left in 2009

The girls drinking prosecco

The man wearing a kilt. With ski boots. Respect

The boys whose parents told them specifically not to drink!!

…Is that a hot choccie?

Those who came early to reserve a table to stand on

Those who won’t make it back down the slopes

r.i.p x

University of York Après drinking Skiing

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